The fastest platform for your business.
Measuring milliseconds, not seconds.


Speed Matters, ALOT!

Get the fastest platform powering your business with ARC. We measure milliseconds not seconds.

The faster your site, the more it converts. With mobile, page speed is an even bigger deal. Google, Amazon, Facebook and similar have all published that speed is a key driver in user conversions, usage, and overall site value. 

True speed

Legacy tools have decided that 2-3 seconds is "good enough," however we decided anything over 1 second is "too slow." Our customers enjoy an average page load time of 500MS and we are only getting faster.

Mobile experience

Give your mobile users a web experience that is so fast it feels like a native app. Every 100MS is crucially important in the world of mobile to keep users from leaving to soon. 


Speed Converts Customers

As an online merchant, speed is more than a great experience, especially for mobile, it is one of the key influencers to your site conversion. Did you know that every 100MS lost can cost 1% in incremental revenue? Its been shown that a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions! Get the speed you and your customers deserve with arc.

"Wow, how did you guys do that?" - Redbull Distributor when shown our average speeds in comparison to their average speeds during an online demonstration.

Give your customers blazing speeds today.

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