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Gifting & Subscription customers are the most loyal.


Gifting Sales

Gifting has lots of moving parts that are really important to your customers and hard to do right. We make it seamless for you to manage, easy for them to use, and a more valuable revenue stream

Gift buying customers

Easily handle the really important aspect of personalizing the message and making sure it arrives on the right day. Your customers will enjoy the experience, and think of you next time they need a gift to send. 

Corporate Gifting

Handle hundreds to thousands of orders at once while making it dead simple for your corporate accounts to subscribe, re-order, and drop those old spreadsheets when they are ready. 


Subscription Sales

You can create month-clubs and allow customers to subscribe to any or all products you approve at the click of a button.

Best of all, they can use the same personalization and delivery choices you would allow any gifting customer, without adding business complexity to your fulfillment process.

"We've been looking for over 9 months trying out all of the legacy e-commerce systems out there to replace our ancient Magento system... Love that someone is finally building a modern gifting-subscription platform for businesses like ours."

Pic Founders of Chocolate Gifting Company 

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